What is semi-permanent makeup

Semi-permanent makeup is one of the best solutions for eyebrows, eyes, and lip. Based on micro pigmentation method counts at least 20 years of success in the beauty area. It was created in Munich, Germany by a team of doctors specializing in cosmetics and grooming headed by Waltraud Kuffner. With a 1 to 3 year duration, semi-permanent makeup corrects uneven or spiny eyebrows, gives color to the lips while highlighting the eyelashes.


The naturalness of the effect makes it suitable for men and women of any age who do not want or are unable to care for the daily routine of grooming. It is also ideal for athletes, actors and public figures who are often exposed to the lens and must always be presentable and groomed. However, the micro pigmentation technique is not limited to the cosmetic sector but is also indicated to cover malformations due to skin problems and scar tissues and can be also used in hair loss cases.

The semi-permanent makeup is made by specially certified makeup artists by using a needle on the skin, that is the skin’s surface layer. The components used are absolutely safe and the process that usually lasts around two hours is based on a scientific technique.

Although the micro pigmentation method is distinguished by the accuracy and detail of the effect, its shelf life depends on the particular characteristics of each skin. In cases where the hue or contour has weakened over time, makeup can be refreshed or even corrected. The procedure for eyes, eyebrows, and lips is painless as special anesthetic gels are used, and the only inconvenience that can be experienced is a slight itching.

Thus, only benefits can be demonstrated by the micro pigmentation method, providing you freedom from the usual problems of traditional makeup, such as smudged eyes and naughty eyebrows after your favorite sport or a dip in the sea.

SEMI-PERMANENT Makeup on the Lips

Get the lips you always wanted, juicy with perfect outline and shade of your choice. Choose from a rich, colorful palette ranging from natural tones to intense ones that flatter your skin and refine the effect with the natural lip-shading technique of shadowing. The lipstick will become past while you will be in perfect condition at all times, even after eating.


Highlight your eyes or correct their shape with the fine, precise lines along the eyelids and get an intense, irresistible look with dense eyelashes without worrying about smudging yourself getting out of the pool. This method is ideal for those who wear glasses or contact lenses or simply want to save time.

Perfect your semi-permanent makeup with the eyebrow design technique exclusively designed for your face and make your mood by getting the expression you want. The design of the eyebrows is absolutely safe as the process is accurate and gives a perfect, natural result. With micro pigmentation, you can get a harmonious and youthful face easily and painlessly.
The final touch is given by the technique of microblading liner, in which thin hair identical to natural hair is designed where necessary.


The semi-permanent make-up isn’t only better than the traditional but also than the permanent one. In semi-permanent, there is the possibility of changing the shape, contour, and hue as the outer layer of the skin is colored, while it looks absolutely natural and disappears over time. Instead, permanent makeup performed deeper on the skin, so it is difficult to remove and can not be corrected, while the available color palette is limited and the materials used contain substances that are dangerous to humans.
Finally, the process of applying permanent makeup is painful. The micro pigmentation method is undoubtedly the latest technology in the beauty industry as it is dermatologically tested and compatible with the legislation on medical products, it is safe and gives an absolutely natural result.

The materials approved by the European Union are hypoallergenic, antiseptic and safe for all skin types, while certified makeup artists who complete the process have completed special training.

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